My Career as a Professional Taxidermist began in 1986.
I specialize in custom mounts featuring a wide variety of animals including , mammals , birds, Game heads from around the world,fish and reptiles ,with deer and birds being my specialties.
I owned a state certified bird farm for several years and owned many types of turkeys , ducks ,Quail & pheasants and was able to really study how birds act , move and look , which made the anatomy of taxidermy come natural to me.
  I'm also an avid hunter , with archery being my passion I spend many hours in the woods studying and photographing deer and other wild life. I also love fishing & anything to do with the outdoors ,with an
8 pt. Buck , 11 1/2 ft. Alligator and a 6 1/2 ft. Tarpon
being the largest of my Trophies !
The craftmanship that goes into my work has been proven at State , International & World levels and has been displayed at many prestigeous competitions where I recieved the following
 in the Profesional Divisions.